Company History

Earth CloudySummit Technologies & Solutions, Inc. (Summit) was established in 2009 in Charles Town, West Virginia.  Summit’s headquarters and Corporate Office are now in Alexandria, Virginia.

Matthew Kennedy founded the company, and since that founding, Summit has grown from one employee to more than 50 today.  Summit’s first client was Orbital Sciences Corporation, where Mr. Kennedy worked on proposal development on Project Orion and grew Summit’s presence to include several other NASA and DoD programs.  Orion represented the next generation of manned spaceflight vehicles, designed to usher in a new era of manned exploration to the moon, Mars, and beyond.  Although Project Orion was significantly changed over time, Summit’s commitment to the aerospace sector and the exploration goals of the United States has not changed and continues to represent a significant portion of Summit’s revenue.

Summit was the Prime Contractor on the Project Management Support Services Contract at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  In addition to priming this contract, Summit also serves as a supporter and subcontractor to TOSC contract at Kennedy Space Center; the EVA Space Operations Contract at NASA Johnson Space Center; the CPSS contract at Marshall Space Flight Center, and the HSFTIC contract at Johnson Space Center.  Summit also supports Systems Planning and Analysis with DTRA contract work.

Prior to winning these contracts, Summit supported the SMAS contract, the PAAC III, the ETIS IIA contract, and the GGSG contract at Goddard Space Flight Center, the MPIC and ISS Program Integration & Control Contract at NASA Johnson Space Center; the SMASS contract at NASA Glenn Research Center, the “System F6” contract under DARPA; and the ANGELS contract under the United States Air Force.

Summit received its certification as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) contractor in June 2010 and has committed itself to supporting and improving the HUBZone communities in which it operates and in which its employees live.